The Art of Reuse Documentary (2013) Teaser

a story continues doc poster

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the teaser of our first full length documentary entitled "The Art of Reuse: A Story Continues". Combating the idea of consumerism through sustainability and individuality, the film (directed by our very own Sid Singh) is an in-depth chronicle of our humble objective in ensuring great style is accessible to everyone. It premieres officially this Summer - stand by for official date and screening info.


thriftcast box set 2

If you missed a thriftcast episode within the last year, don't sweat it, we bundled up box set volume two for download. Grab them each individually or all at once HERE. Enjoy!

thriftˌkɑːst™ Box Set Vol. II
Released: March 16, 2013
Episodes: IX-XVI

IX. Swarvy - MOST HIGH (Roots, Reggae)
X. chris△re - DOWNTIME (Jazz, Experimental, Electronic)
XI. siik - A THRIFTMAS CAROL 2 (Holiday, R&B)
XII. Hic & Nunc - BRUNCH AT JACQUES (Classic 60's Soul)
XIII. Ahwlee - Valleys (Acousmatic, Wonky, Experimental)
XIV. Supfa - WORK IT (Ambient, Experimental)
XV. Rucyl (Saturn Never Sleeps) - LOVE TO LOVE YOU (Psychedelic, Progressive)
XVI. Ashtre Jinkins - FAVORITE MOMENTS (Sci-Fi, Progressive, Electronic)



It’s official, we’ve taken on the world of Tumblr! - and of course like everything we do, we’ve taken it on in full-fledged Art of Reuse style.

Visit to check out our endless scroll of inspiration; complete with art, fashion, photography, and a peek at our latest events. As usual we have all our bases covered, with quick links to our latest films and some of our favourite tracks poised and ready for your enjoyment. Whether it’s click or scroll whatever muse you seek, there’s always something new, so see you there!


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For all of you that missed out on our extravagant evening of thrift, here’s a little taste of the runway, treats, and behind the scenes action. Despite the wild weather that night, the Women’s Presentation was nothing but a stunning success. Had you not known it was second hand fashion, well, you never would have guessed!

If you’re still curious about the event check out Sean’s blog for more pics and details. Thanks again to everyone that came out! ☺


Grace C

Not to brag or anything, but The Art of Reuse and our beloved style mastermind Sean Brown were featured just before the holidays in (yep, you guessed it) - fashion and culture focused i-D Magazine! We’re not surprised that he was chosen for the "Wise-up" Issue, said to offer a “pearl of wisdom for everyone”. Of course Sean's in good company, appearing alongside other inspirational Toronto creatives like model/menswear buyer Paolo Roldan, and Avi Gold, editor of Sneeze Magazine.

With 8 stunning covers and captivating articles for trend setters and followers alike, it’s definitely worth a read back to front. Our favourite version? Hands down the Grace Coddington edition. Sadly this baby is already sold out, but grab one of the other striking copies while they last. (You can buy online directly from i-D by clicking here or find it wherever fine books are sold)


fashion show poster SAM

If you’ve missed out on all the recent Twitter and Facebook buzz then consider this your official invitation to a revolutionary night of thrift fashion. On February 7th The Art of Reuse will present their Interim Women’s Collection, yet again elevating thrift to a whole new level – this time taking on the runway!

Produced by OTM Creative and sponsored by Aveda, expect everything you love in terms of music, style, and the always-warm down to earth vibe. It’s a night you can't afford to miss and definitely won’t be able to forget, so be sure to RSVP to to secure your spot at the Interim Women’s Collection Presentation. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Merry Thriftmas!

merry thriftmas 2012

We wanted to forward our most sincere wishes to you and yours this holiday season. We're grateful for this past year, and we anticipate whats to come. To show our appreciation, we've packaged up not one, but two mixtapes for you to download. The first is the follow up to Valleys, entitled "Peaks" by Ahwlee, that released earlier this year. The second, is "A Thriftmas Carol pt. 3" courtesy of Kaze, a blend to uphold the holiday spirit in true Art of Reuse tradition.

From all of us at The Art of Reuse, thank you for your continued support. Happy Holidays!

A Year In Thrift

a year thrift

Its been an exciting year filled with new experiences, challenges, and unforgettable milestones that calls for reflection. At this time of year, the blogosphere is overflowing with year-in reviews and recaps, but we figured with all that happened this year, we could have our own. (Note: This list is in no specific order.)

➫ Check out the list HERE

Messages From You...(California)

the  crew underground

Anyone else feel the sudden resurgence of thrift? All over the world it seems the message of sustainability is catching on; this isn't to say there isn't a lot more to be done, but we are definitely going through a shift. We can arguably accredit this to Walmart's purchasing of Value Village (Savers to Americans), Macklemore's recent glorification of the "Thrift Shop", or perhaps your favorite travelling thrift store's use of the infamous "shopthrift" tagline. Whatever has contributed this epidemic, we're grateful for it and glad that through it, we're able to constantly connect with folks all over the world. Chris from San Francisco writes:

Greetings from California. I was in San Francisco yesterday and I came across some fashion forward individuals. We began a conversation and I mentioned The Art of Reuse, their eyes lit up. One individual responded, “My goal is to one day work with them. I hope to a create a piece of art that catches their attention.” After hearing them speak so highly, I felt compelled to reach out.

What I appreciate most about The Art of Reuse is the absence of pretentiousness. There is no beating of the chest and yelling, “We're a movement!” “We da bes!” “Look at me!” You continue to learn, evolve, and create with a quite confidence; never overpowering, just enough to remind others of your presence. Your ability to create both visual and audible (thriftcast) art is amazing. Continue the work to advance the cause, shop thrift. One Love.

Sincerely, Christopher

See Sza Run


Is it just me? Or has there been a bit of a drought in music lately...not to ignore that 2012 has been a year chalk full of some of the greatest stuff recorded, but it seems as though the magic happens in seasons. Let us digress before this turns into a rant from your go-to music blog. Meet our friend SZA; who recently dropped her debut "See.Sza.Run" and we must tell you...we think shes next. There are perks to having friends who make music. You don't have to listen right this second (though we recommend you do) but If you're in need of new escapes on your iPod than we guarantee this project will not disappoint.


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